Pyxis™ On-Premise Laundry Products and Services

On Site Laundry Products | State Cleaning

State Cleaning Solutions offers a full range of products providing solutions for your on-premise and industrial laundry needs.  Our experienced representatives start with a survey of your facility, create a customized solution, install the equipment, train staff, and continuously support all equipment and products.  Pyxis™ laundry programs have been designed for the needs of the hospitality and healthcare industries.

On-Premise and Industrial

Large scale laundry operations require special expertise.  Our staff of industry veterans review your overall operation and will suggest solutions for clean, sanitary results while taking into account the impact on energy, water, and labor.  Our detailed reporting gives you a clear understanding of what is happening inside the wash-wheel.

Below are examples of our product offerings.

Alkali & Breaks

  • PYXISTM BREAK - contains polymers to condition the water and alkali builders that stay free flowing
  • PYXIS™ BREAK, R.A. - for industrial applications that demand highly refined caustic with the least amount of impurities

Surfactants & Detergents

  • PYXIS™ LAUNDRY DETERGENT - a neutral pH surfactant effective even in heavy soil.  Rinses free and will not build up on fibers
  • PYXIS™ POWERWASH EMULSION DETERGENT - a powerful blend of polymers, surfactants, and alkali builders effective in poor water conditions and even low temperatures
  • PYXIS™ BUILT DETERGENT - a combination of low sudsing surfactants, alkali builders, water conditioners, and optical brighteners to powerfully clean soil away from fabric
  • PYXIS™ CITRUS LAUNDRY DETERGENT - a blend of surfactants, polymers, and citrus solvent to offer outstanding results on oily makeup, chef coats, kitchen rags, or table linenes
  • PYXIS™ SOLID OXY DETERGENT - a powerful, solid detergent enhanced with a color-safe destainer for a convenient, all-in-one product

Bleaches & DestainersIndustrial Sanitizers | State Cleaning

  • PYXISTM DESTAINER - a concentrated, 12.5% hypochlorite destainer to birghten whites and remove stains
  • PYXISTM LAUNDRY BRIGHTENER – a powerful color safe, oxygen bleach
  • PYXISTM ANTI­-CHLOR - effectively neutralizes any chlorine residual in all fabrics including synthetics
  • PYXIS™ OXALIC ACID - powder additive that neutralizes any iron and mineral residuals

Softeners & Sours

  • PYXISTM SOUR - lowers the pH in the final rinse while neutralizing any iron in the water
  • PYXISTM SOFTENER/SOUR - softens the fabric while lowering the pH
  • PYXISTM FABRIC SOFTENER - softens and fluffs the fibers leaving the fabric static free

Spotters, Pre-Treatments, & Specialties

  • PO2WER RTU OXY CLEANER - combination of enzymes, surfactants, and color-safe peroxide
  • PO2WER POWDER OXY CLEANER - oxygen based stain fighter that powers out organic soils such as wine, blood, and juice but is safe to use on colors
  • PYXIS™ RUST STAIN REMOVER - designed to remove rust and other metallic stains
  • PYXIS™ PROTEIN STAIN REMOVER -  removes food soil and all organic stains
  • PYXIS™ OIL & GREASE REMOVER - removes shoe polish, crayon, grease, etc.
  • AVANCE™ POWDERED MACHINE DETERGEN/STAIN BLAST -  reclaim product in a convenient plastic bag
  • PYXIS™ CONDITIONER - suspends minerals and calcium with special water conditioners to keep whites bright and to improve detergency
  • FABRISHIELD FABRIC SIZING - restores body to fabric, makes ironing easier

Working for Clear Results

One-pass, liquid or solid warewashing programs.

One-pass, liquid or solid warewashing programs.

Green certified housekeeping dilution systems.

Green certified housekeeping dilution systems.

Reducing costs and improving turn efficiency.

Reducing costs and improving turn efficiency.