Warewashing | State Cleaning SolutionsState Cleaning Solutions provides Clear Results and Best in Class Service to our customers.  Our experienced staff of professionals strive daily to enhance your customers' experience.  State Cleaning Solutions provides stellar results and service.  Our broad line of products is our tool to getting the results at a reasonable price.  Our solid and liquid programs perform in heavy soil and hard water conditions, keep your machine clean, and provide sparkling results with one-pass.

Regular, routine service checks backed up by 24-hour emergency support keeps your dish machine running efficiently and ensures oustanding results.  Our service reporting is supported by an advanced technological platform which gives you clear insight to our performance and the efficiency of your organization.  Support includes:

  • Monthly 50 point inspection and serviceWarewashing Solutions| State Cleaning
  • State of the art service dispatch system
  • Dedicated national service/support line – (866) 727-5477
  • 24/7 emergency service support
  • All emergency service calls answered within 25 minutes
  • Calls escalation to next management level after 25 minutes
  • Documented service reporting
  • On-line usage monitoring
  • Electronic service reporting

Avance™ Warewashing Product Solutions

Dishmachine Products | State CleaningOur experienced account managers will survey your facility and recommend the solutions to enhance productivity, ensure a sanitary environment, and optimize results.  Our product solutions entail solid, liquid, and/or powder products in unique packaging that utilizes the most advanced dispensing systems on the market.  We offer products for all types of water conditions and for the different equipment used by hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, bakeries, to the local corner pub.  We also manufacture a full line of ancillary products for all the cleaning needs in commercial kitchens.  These include oven cleaners, bio-based cleaners, drain treatments, table top sanitizers, presoaks, de-limers, etc.

Avance™ Dishmachine and Glass Washer Solutions

State Cleaning| Warewashing Equipment

State Cleaning Solutions offers a full line of dishmachine and glass washer solutions to hlep you control your costs of providing clean and sanitized tableware.  Our equipment line includes a broad selection of EnergyStar® Certified machines to reduce your utility costs.  Our account managers can help you select the proper machine based on your specific capacity needs and kitchen footprint.  Our selection includes under-counters, low-temp, high temp, single racks, double racks, conveyors, and even flight machines. 

Our on-hand inventory enables us to install immediately for your convenience.

3 Compartment Sink Solutions

State Cleaning | 3 Compartment Sink Solutions

Of course State Cleaning Solutions also has products for your 3 compartment sink.  Our solutions include high sudsing premiumdetergents, low foaming detergents for power sinks, and a variety of no-rinse sanitizers with advanced dispensing options.  Our products come in a variety of packaging options to meet a variety of needs including solids, liquids, powders, and tablets.


Talk to your State Cleaning Solutions representative so they can design the appropriate program for your facility.

Working for Clear Results

Professional pre-treatment spotters, detergents, brighteners and more.

Professional pre-treatment spotters, detergents, brighteners and more.

Green certified housekeeping dilution systems.

Green certified housekeeping dilution systems.

Clean dishes you can see!

Clean dishes you can see!